Past Creative Teaching Grant Recipients

The Creative Teaching Grant Program was initiated in 2009-10, and annually makes grants to teachers who apply and are selected for these funds. This grant is administered by the Fremont Public Schools Foundation and is available to FPS educators at all levels and all buildings. The funding for this grant has been, and continues to be, provided by memorial donations to the Foundation, including memorials made for former educators in the Fremont Public Schools.

The purpose of this grant is to allow teachers to create, design, or implement programs that promote student achievement, enhance the learning environment, or provide opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting. The grant money may be applied to materials, training, equipment or special programs.

With this year’s selection of applications over 100 FPS teachers have received grants amounting to over $50,000, all directed back to classrooms and educators.

Past Recipient Summaries (click on names below to read each one):

Bunn                                                 Doescher                                          Hanson

Hultgren                                           Karlin/Watson                               Larsen

Lowe                                                  Reilly/Anderson                             Ronan

Wegener                                            Zentic                                                 Zuch