With the Creative Teaching Grant awarded to Marta Hultgren, teacher in the Pathfinder Program, she was able to get headphones with Microphones and the Reading Workshop kit for Third grade. Read about Marta’s application below:

Students use the headphones during their time on an interactive reading website. The students are now able to record their own readings of the book and Marta can review their readings later. It allows her students to demonstrate their knowledge of reading and provides her with opportunities to work with other students while they are engaged in the activity.


Marta’s classroom has multiple grade levels and so it is difficult to use the Journey’s curriculum the same as everyone else in the district. This year. Marta has begun to implement the use of Lucy Caulkin’s Reading Workshop for Third Grade. The lessons that she has used so far are excellent and really help students to think about what they are reading. The lesson Marta did last was about reading books as if they’re gold! Her students loved this lesson and it really changed the students thoughts about how they approach reading. It has been fun for both Marta’s students and her!