Take a look at some of our campaigns listed below. Each campaign has a particular goal in order to make the event a reality.

  1. MacBook + software for the FHS Marching Band

    The Band program has taken steps to become competitive in the Marching Arts. Having the ability to use a MacBook Pro preloaded with music performance software such as Garageband and Mainstage will go a long way in helping the FHS band be on equal footing as the competition.

    MacBook Pro – Education Pricing – $1,199

    Needed additional add-on and software – $100

    $0.00 donated of $1,300.00 goal
  2. New Keyboard Carts for the FHS Marching Band – $1000

    The Front Ensemble of our Tiger Marching Band (piano players) are using equipment that is reaching an age where the cost and effort of upkeep is becoming too cumbersome. We plan to contract a local builder to make brand new piano carts that will be built to last.

    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  3. New Viola for the Orchestra – $850

    The FHS Orchestra is in need of a full-size student viola. There has been a recent interest and need for a full size viola for student use. This is one particular instrument that the music deparment does not own enough of to meet student demand.

    $25.00 donated of $850.00 goal
  4. Zoo Field Trip

    A trip to the zoo would be a wonderful experience for the 35+ English Language Learners at Fremont Middle School. The zoo allows students to explore and expand their knowledge while enhancing opportunities to practice English both verbally and in writing.

    $0.00 donated of $630.00 goal
  5. Flexible Seating to Improve Student Focus and Performance

    Flexible seating (Active Chairs Wobble Stools for Kids and Costway Plastic Stack Stools) stimulates students’ sense of touch. Students who have a hard time focusing or those with ADHD, ADD benefit from this type of seating because it allows them to move freely while focusing on the task at hand. This helps in the processing of information. Sensory input will enable students to be more productive because they are able to release excess energy.

    $0.00 donated of $548.93 goal


Have an idea for a campaign or something your students need? Go here to print the Making A Difference Funding Grant Application.