The Fremont Public School Foundation focuses on three main initiatives every year.  We also support other projects and fundraisers where we can help as needed. Our three main initiatives each year are the Creative Teaching Grants, the Academic Achievement Banquet, and our annual Jim Ebers Golf Classic.  For more information, click on the heading below.


Creative Teaching Grants

grant-app During the 2018-19 school year the Fremont Public School Foundation distributed $7,032 in Creative Teaching Grants to 16 teachers for a variety of classroom needs.  Every year we challenge teachers to submit proposals that will allow them to become more effective teachers and help students improve their achievement.  To see some examples of how our past recipients utilized the grants, as well as to find grant applications, please go here.

To see summaries and pictures of past recipients and how they utilized the grants, please go here.

Making A Difference Funding

Making A Difference funding is administered by the Fremont Public Schools Foundation and is available to FPS educators at all levels and all buildings. This funding source, which can be in collaboration with a community organization, will be posted online on the Fremont Public School Foundation’s website. Citizens can browse proposals online and make a tax deductible donation to fully or partially fund a proposal.

To be considered for Making A Difference funding, the application process is identical to the process of applying for a  Creative Teaching Grant. A single application may be reviewed for both funding streams. However, the two funding sources differ in this way: Making A Difference applications will be accepted throughout the year, whereas in order to be considered for partial or full funding from the Creative Teaching Grant, applications must be submitted by the Creative Teaching Grant deadline. To apply for Creative Teaching Grant and/or Making A Difference funding, please go here to print an application form.

To view and select current projects for funding, please go here.


Academic Achievement Awards

At the end of every school year, the Fremont Public School Foundation honors the highest achieving students of Fremont High School along with a mentor that has been instrumental in their achievement.  In 2019, we honored 35 students and their mentors and are looking forward to growing that number in the future. For more information on the annual banquet go here.

Jim Ebers Golf Classic

Who doesn’t like to hit the links with friends to support a good cause? Every summer, we host a golf tournament to raise funds than enable us to keep helping teachers and honoring students.  Starting in 2014, we have renamed the tournament the Jim Ebers Classic in honor of everything that Jim did over the years to help support the teachers and students of the Fremont Public Schools.  We’d like to thank everyone who has come out to support this great event. To find more information on the Jim Ebers Golf Classic, and the link to a registration form go here.


Conduit for Donor-Specific Gifts

Project Description
The Fremont Public School Foundation supports the Fremont Public Schools in a variety of ways. The Foundation take the lead for fund raising for major projects, i.e. Chromebooks, FHS Track and Field renovation, iPads, LED Projectors in every classroom, Automatic External Defibrillators in all Fremont Schools, including Bergan and Trinity, Nell McPherson Theatre and stage renovation.

In addition, the Foundation continues to support several ongoing projects such as Creative Teaching Grants, Academic Achievement Banquet, FPS Marketing Campaign, Dual Credit Financial Assistance, Making a Difference, and managing over 40 “flow through” accounts for FPS entities.

One area that sometimes gets overlooked is the ability of the Foundation to serve as the financial conduit for donor specific gifts. In the past 2 years, several projects/items totaling over $230,000 have been funded using this resource.

Items supported in this manner include:

  • Upgrade to the District Emergency Radio Communication System: All schools in Fremont (including Archbishop Bergan and Trinity) will be upgrading their Emergency Radio Communication System through the donation of over $90,000 from the Fremont Area Community Foundation, a Donor Advised fund at the FACF and a $10,000 donation from the Fremont Public School Foundation. This system will allow all schools in Fremont to be able to communicate with each other, as well as first responders to any emergency situation.
  • The FPS Activity Calendar, produced by the Communications and PR department solicits donations through the Foundation to pay for the cost of producing.
  • As mentioned above, the FHS Track and Field renovation project has had over $60,000 donated to the Foundation for this cause.
  • Last year, an anonymous donor gifted over $53,000 to purchase state-of-the-art concussion alert football helmets for grades 9-12.
  • Another anonymous donation of over $2,500 paid for the FHS Girls’ Tennis Team uniforms.
  • Through the Foundation’s Making a Difference website, a marimba and stand were purchased for the FHS Marching Band and STEM materials were purchased for Washington Elementary, a total donation of over $6,000.
  • A Big Red Keno Grant of $7,500 was given to the Foundation to purchase micrometers for the FHS Industrial Technology program.
  • The Fremont Area Community Foundation gifted $26,000 to the Foundation to purchase tubas for the FHS Marching Band.
  • First State Bank gave a $5,000 donation to the FPS Foundation to support the district School Messenger communication service.
  • Bank of the West donated $2,500 toward the John Baylor ACT Test Prep program.

If you have a specific item or project you’d like to support through the FPS Foundation, please contact Joe Sajevic at the Foundation Office (402-727-3027) and he can assist you with the process.