Donate to FPS Foundation

The Fremont Public School Foundation takes on multiple projects each year that directly impact current students, whether it is the purchase of iPads to hosting a yearly Achievement Banquet. All of the projects and events sponsored by the Foundation are the direct result of donations from generous supporters of the Fremont Public Schools. In addition to these major initiatives, you can also donate as a memorial or in honor of an educator, coach or other person who was a major influence in your life. Memorials and honorariums are the major funding for the Creative Teaching Grants so the legacy of those honored is a gift to present and future generations. Please select which option you prefer when you donate. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will have an immediate impact.

To donate, please click on the icon of where you would like your donation to go:

Alumni Dues

To make a donation, including your alumni dues, please select the General Fund – Alumni Dues fund when making a donation. Click here to make a donation.