Creative Teaching Grants

During the 2015-16 school year Fremont Public School Foundation distributed $6,775 in creative teaching grants to 16 teachers for a variety of classroom needs.  Every year we challenge teachers to come to us with proposals that will allow them to be more effective teachers and help students achieve their best.  Our 2015-2016 recipients:

Chris Ronan of Fremont Middle school, $500 for Nebraska Writers Collective Workshop

Cassandra Schroeder of Fremont Middle School, $500 for Nebraska Writers Collective Workshop

Allison Zuch of Grant Elementary, $500 for Piano keyboards

Laura Enos of Fremont High School, $500 for a CD Player and headphones for the Reading Program

Shelby Olson/Heidi Melcher of Fremont Middle School, $500 for book creations

Chis Ondracek/Mandy Lackey ofHowaqrd Elementary, $500 for Leveled Literacy Pack

Ben Adler of Milliken Park Elementary, $500 for LEGO Mindstorm and Robot kit

Jody Sheppard of Milliken Park Elementary , $300 for  Supplemental Math materials

Jennifer Stevens of Milliken Park Elementary, $300 for Hands on materials/work boxes

Dana Schipporeit of Milliken Park Elementary, $500 for a 3D Printer

Sadie Voss of Fremont High School, $500 for a Document Camera

Heather Millard/Shelly Caskey/Sharla Schreiber of Bell Field Elementary, $600 for Supplemental Math materials

Tammy Rensch/Shelli Ferguson,/Julie Herrick,/Jennifer Hilgenkamp of Johnoson Crossing 5-6 Center, $1,000 for VEX Robot Superkits

Kady Maresh of Bell Field Elementary, $400 for LEGO Mindstorm

To apply for a Creative Teaching Grant simply download and fill out the application below.

Grant application materials