Creative Teaching Grants

During the 2018-19 school year Fremont Public School Foundation distributed $7,032 in creative teaching grants to 16 teachers for a variety of classroom needs.  Every year we challenge teachers to come to us with proposals that will allow them to be more effective teachers and help students achieve their best.  

Our 2018-2019 recipients:

Amy Hartman, Emily Ridder & Lisa Manka of Linden Elementary, $550 for a Passion Project Field trip to the SAC Museum

Brianne Fergus of Washington and Clarmar Elementary, $482 for a Mu Table

Quenna Koch of Fremont Middle School, $840 for 8th grade College Visits

Heather Millard, Sharla Barada and Shelly Caskey of Bell Field Elementary, $500 for kinesthetic manipulatives

Tammy Rensch of Johnson Crossing 5-6 Center, $1,000 for VEX Robot Superkits

Terri Kyes of Bell Field Elementary, $100 for Duplo Lego Name Building blocks

Kiley Kuehn of Milliken Park Elementary, $250 for Math and Vocabulary manipulatives

Laura Enos of the Fremont Middle School, $500 for Middle level novels for #Kids Need Mentors

Karie Martin of Milliken Park and Washington Elementary, $470 for 1 set of Julia Cook materials dealing with Social and Emotional topics and Calming Kits

Tina Kuddes of Milliken Park Elementary, $180 for a set of Active Materials to enhance gross motor skills

Michelle Whitman of Johnson Crossing 5-6 Center, $1,700 for entries and transportation for 60 high-ability students to attend a HAL Writing Festival

Charlie Wiese form Bell Field Elementary, $360 for a working field trip to the Fremont High School Industrial Tech Department to explore trade career opportunities

To apply for a Creative Teaching Grant simply download and fill out the application below.

Grant application materials