Academic Achievement Banquet

At the end of every school year, the Fremont Public School Foundation honors the highest achieving students of Fremont High School along with a mentor that has been instrumental in their achievement.  In 2018, we honored 34 students and their mentors, looking forward to growing that number in the future.

This year the Fremont Public School Foundation  sponsored its twelfth annual Academic Achievement Banquet.  These students have not only maintained a grade point average of 3.75 or better, but have done so while earning their credits in selected course work that represents the most academically rigorous curriculum the Fremont Public Schools have to offer.  It is appropriate that these students should receive special recognition.

Each of these honored students select a Fremont Public Schools educator who has served as a mentor for them and had a positive influence on their academic career.  Along with the students and their parents, these educators were honored at the banquet for the positive influence they have had on the lives of their students.  This is a unique opportunity to honor our top students along with their parents, as well as the educators who have played a major role in their success.