The Creative Teaching Grant, awarded to Shanna Karlin and Linda Watson, allowed Washington School 4th graders to take a field trip to The Durham Museum last year.

This was a great review of the history we had researched and presented.  The trip to The Durham is not one that many of our students would be able to afford,  nor is it a place many of our students know about.

The Grant also paid for the bus fare to Morrill Hall on the UNL campus.  Students were given a guided tour of prehistoric animals to learn more about how adaptations helped some animals survive climate change.  They experienced hands­-on archeological “digs” for prehistoric rhino bones while learning about Ash Falls, and toured the museums displays of rocks, minerals, and animals from around the world.

While we were on the UNL campus we toured Memorial Stadium and the training facilities. Student ­athletes from UNL teams gathered to speak to Washington 4th graders about working hard in school, following their dreams, and attending college. Our students were also able to obtain autographs from the college students.

The grant has also allowed both of us to purchase trade books about science and Nebraska history that the students use for research projects.  The research includes rocks and minerals, animals, plants, and space.  A majority of the Nebraska books are about Nebraska historical events that our school library and the public library do not have.  What the students learn in these books is then used for their large presentation at the end of third quarter in a Hall of History format. The science books are used for various research projects throughout the year.

Money was also used to purchase file folder games that teach about maps and historical events.