The Creative Teaching Grant awarded to Tammy Zentic at Fremont Middle school has allowed the 8th graders at FMS to explore computer programming in innovative and engaging ways.  With the funds we were able to purchase three different technology tools.  The first was an invention kit called the Makey Makey.  This device allows the students to turn everyday objects into computer keyboards and when combined with the Internet, creates new pathways to computing.

The Pico Board was the second device we purchased.  When combined with Scratch programming, it allows the computer to react and respond to events happening outside of the computer.  Imagine a clap of your hand being able to control the computer screen.

aZentic picture 1

Thirdly, we were able to purchase a few Rasberry Pi’s for our students who exhibit more advanced technology skills.  The Rasberry Pi is a credit card sized computer.  The students can program it to build all types of projects.  With advanced skills, one can use it as a regular computer.

It is my belief that the students of today should not only learn how to use existing technology, but they should be the ones to create the technology that we will use in the future.  The innovation, creative problem solving, teamwork, and critical thinking skills needed for computer coding enhance every aspect of education and thus have a positive effect on our learning outcomes.

aZentic Picture 2