Cassie Larson, a kindergarten teacher at Milliken Park Elementary, received a Creative Teaching Grant that provided her classroom with a variety of language arts and math games for her kindergarten classroom.  The grant has impacted all of her students by providing a variety of hands-on activities at a variety of academic levels in both reading and math. Read her summary below:

The materials purchased through the grant funds have been utilized in a variety of ways including whole and small group work, in addition to individual and independent work.  The hands-on materials have promoted learning in a variety of different ways, which has assisted students with a variety of learning styles.  The hands-on learning and student engagement has assisted in closing the achievement gap in my classroom.   The materials have provided more student engagement, have assisted the English Language Learners, and helped those that do not receive much support at home.

Cassie has noticed great academic gains with her students, as these activities have provided students with a multitude of facets to enhance their own academic goals.  The materials have provided a variety of engaging lessons that have assisted in meeting the needs of the new kindergarten standards, and have provided Cassie’s students with learning that is fun and hands-on.