Chromebooks for Kids

Why Chromebooks?

In recent years many area districts have embarked on a 1:1 initiative with lap top computers.  There has been a more recent and noticeable shift of districts to Chromebooks.  One of the major reasons is the cost of the devices.  At $275.00 per device, there is a substantial savings over lap tops (over $1,000 in most cases) and iPads ($550.00).  In addition, the reliance on applications, at an addition cost in most instances, is greatly reduced or eliminated.   Probably the most important reason is because the use of cloud-based operations has become the predominate choice of the industry, and the Google Education Suite (free to educational entities) is the leader in this field. Students will use the technology that is relevant to their future career.

Opportunities for Student Learning and the rationale for a 1:1 setup includes:

Collaboration: We know that we live in a world that is becoming more and more connected.  Chromebooks offer students a unique opportunity to collaborate on projects within the district and with the world at large.  Chromebooks is a cloud-based operating system and productivity suite that is easy to navigate for students and also easy to manage for IT personnel.

Engagement: Using the Google productivity suite, students easily create, share, and complete projects assigned by teachers.  Google has done an excellent job of adapting their software to meet the needs of teachers.  Products like Google Classroom, Docs, and Slides empower teachers to easily differentiate instruction and maximize individual learning potential.

Critical Thinking: Using programs like Google Earth and Maps with Chromebooks will continue to increase the skills our students need to master to be prepared for their future in the workforce. Without a doubt, our students will be exposed to many technologies, most of which will be cloud-based.  Students will need the ability to problem solve, question, and analyze.  Students with Chromebooks can use any number of web-apps to help boost their critical thinking skills.

  1. Chromebooks for Kids

    The Chromebooks for Kids project is being conducted by the Fremont Public Schools Foundation as a means of providing Chromebooks for student use in grades 7 and 8 at the Fremont Middle School. The Foundation will purchase 720 Chromebooks at a cost of approximately $275.00 per unit for a total of $198,000.00. By supplying the funding for 720 devices for these 2 grade levels, the Fremont Public Schools students in grades 5 - 12 will have a Chromebook for every student (approximately 2,880) enrolled in these grades, often referred to as a "1:1" initiative.
    $2,100.00 donated of $198,000.00 goal