Robotics Club – Teacher: Tammy Rensch, 5th Grade, Johnson Crossing Academic Center

This gift will help allow more students work in smaller groups during Robotics Club on Mondays after school. We currently have groups of 5-6 students working with each VEX robotics kit. It would be ideal to have groups of 3-4 students, allowing more students a chance to have the hands-on experience. We typically have 80+ students attend Robotics/Coding Club at Johnson Crossing Academic Center on Mondays after school until 4:45 PM. Coding/Robotics Club is open to ALL 5th and 6th graders at JCAC who are interested.

This club is designed to increase knowledge about robotics and coding, as well as, building friendships, working with others, and so much more! Students are learning the skills needed for coding and building robotics, and they will be using the knowledge from coding to program the VEX robots to do specific tasks. By purchasing 5 additional kits plus another controller and several smart motors, students will be allowed to really increase their hands-on learning time. Smaller groups results in more engaged students, as they are allowed to be more directly involved. Thank you for your support!
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Name: Tammy Rensch
Title: 5th Grade Teacher
School: Johnson Crossing Academic Center

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