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My goals for this are multi-faceted. Primarily, I plan to increase productivity in my classroom when working on a variety of projects. Secondly, I plan to encourage responsibility and good character within students. My plan is to purchase essential tools for my classroom, and a lockable toolbox for storage. This would assure easy accessibility for all students, as well as assurance that the tools would be kept in a safe place, I will create a check out system so I have a record of the location of the tools at any given time and I will know if there is any misuse immediately. In order for the students in my sculpture and pottery classes to gain the exposure for a well-rounded experience, they need to be introduced to a variety of the tools while creating new projects. In the past, I have brought power tools and other tools from home on multiple occasions, so that students could successfully finish projects. Additionally, I have spent a great deal of money out of pocket to ensure students would be enriched with opportunities they needed to fulfil requirements of the class.

Having a selection of basic tools would allow students the opportunity to broaden their horizons and create exemplary projects. Every student in my classes would be involved and impacted by this grant, with the purchase of these tools and cart. The toolbox would keep the tools organized. The checkout system would assist with accountability. The convenience of the roller cart would allow the tools to be portable. They could be rolled out of the storeroom when in use, but stored out of sight and out of the way in my tight fit classroom, while not in use. The use of power tools will require students to display leadership skills by exhibiting responsibility in the care and use of the tools. Character will be displayed while students work as a team, learning to use these tools with cautions and respect.

Since all students will have the opportunity to use these tools, ( which many have probably not had the opportunity to use) I will teach students how and when to properly use each tool This education will introduce them to a life skill they will most assuredly find useful in the future. My evaluation of the success of the grant will be evident by the students in their growth in the ability to responsibly check out tools from the cart and return them properly, the ability to use power tools cautiously and effectively in class, and by the increased level of complex projects submitted in class. In the event that a tool would need replacement, it would be replaced or repaired with the art department budget. The items listed below are my wish list - these are all items that we use for most projects in my Sculpture class. I have attached the Menards sales sheet for each item so you can see what is included and measurements.

1) Masterforce 41’’x 24’’ Gunmetal 11- Drawer Tool Cabinet Everyday price- $599.00 * Sale price- $499.00 (valid until 12/24/18)

2) Masterforce FlexPower 20-Volt Cordless 8-Tool Combo Kit Everyday price- $349.00 * Sale price - $329.00

3) Hitachi 15-Amp Corded 10’’ Single Bevel Compound Miter Everyday price- $190.00 * Sale price - $99.00

4) Dremel Multipurpose Cutting Kit Everyday price- $18.89

5) Performax Assorted Screwdriver Set- 37 pieces Everyday price- $14.99

6) Stanley 51 Piece Tool Set Everyday price- $19.98

I have supplies for projects budgeted into our Art budget for future projects - these tools would allow me to safely teach and help students create the projects that they want successfully. Thank you for your consideration on funding this request and your support. It would be a huge help to have these added to my classroom and the opportunity to teach students how to properly use these tools for their futures.
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Name: Jennifer Gay
Title: High School Art Teacher – Sculpture, Pottery and Art 1

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