Calming Kits for each general education classrooms – Karie Martin, Ed.S., School Psychologist, Milliken Park Elementary

Each K-4 classroom will be supplied a calming kit with supplies based upon developmental needs and quiet, calming, sensory items. Teachers may direct a student to use the kit, or a student may initiate the use of the kit on his or her own. The use of the calming down kit will help students to keep situations small (between a couple of people), and it will help students to apply self-regulation tools that are taught and applied on a regular basis to all students at the K-4 level (being safe, respectful, and responsible). As a result, all students are more likely to gain the skills necessary for academic success.

I am asking for $250 to provide a kit for each general education classroom at Milliken Park. Each kit would need a durable container for items to be stored. There would need to be calming down, laminated resources that might look differently for different grades and developmental abilities (approximately $10.00/kit). In addition, we would want to purchase quiet, calming, sensory items such as stress balls ($8.00/item); Fidget/Sensory Toy Kit ($15.00/kit); and Noise Canceling Headphones ($10.00/item).

These are some primary examples of items that would be used in classrooms. However, grade level teachers would be a part of the decisions of what quiet, calm, sensory items would be purchased.
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Name: Karie Martin
Title: Ed.S., School Psychologist
School: Milliken Park Elementary

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